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chilling pictures. new surveillance video of the bombing in norway. >> as police search the confessed killer's farm. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> reporter: on the defensive, norwegian police are trying to answer questions about their slow response to the friday shooting massacre. anna metranga reports. we're also getting a new view of the surveillance attack. >> it shattered store windows and sent workers and shoppers running. the bomb killed at least eight, and badly damaged the prime minister's office building. confessed mass murderer andres brevick then traveled to a youth camp. he hunted down and killed 68 young victims before police
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arrived, 90 minutes later. >> i don't think we had any chance to be there any faster than we made it. >> reporter: the only police helicopter crew was on vacation. and the first boat offices tried to take to the island broke down. >> reporter: norway's prime minister says an independent commission will investigate the attack. >> reporter: he vowed norwegians will fight back against the shooter's commission. >> violence shall not be met with violence. but violence shall be met with openness, democracy and tolerance. >> reporter: the 37-year-old said he was trying to save europe from muslims. officers are now searching his farm for more evidence. they found more explosives on the property and detonated them. much of norway is traying to get -- trying to get back to normal. some cabinet workers are near the bombed out building. >> reporter: many are determined to show him and
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others like him, they will not let terrorists keep them from living. anna metranga, cbs news, oslo. >> norway's prime minister is vowing to help the victims. and a memorial is being planned. baltimore police are searching for the person who shot three people and set a fire to cover it up. vic is in the newsroom with the latest on the investigation for us. vic? >> reporter: city police are investigating their response to the scene. it started around 4:30 yesterday morning, with a 911 call to report shots fired in the 4300 block of nicholas avenue. officers checked the area, found nothing, and left without enough cause to go inside the house. just 90 minutes later, the fire is set and the bodies are found. a 58-year-old man, his 36-year- old daughter, and her 27-year- old boyfriend died from gunshot wounds to thed the head. wjz talked with police, and they are not identifying the victims at this time. mary, back to you. >> all right, vic, thank you. wjz will have more on this
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investigation coming up tonight all new at 5:00 and 6:00. a judge throws a book at a man charged in the death of an off-duty police officer. 25-year-old sion james received a maximum sentence of 25 years. the two men argued in a parking spot in canton last october. james struck detective stevenson with a fist-sized piece of concrete, and the officer died of massive brain injuries. the remains of a howard county woman are being released for cremation. police found 27-year-old lauren giddings' remains outside her apartment last month. her ashes will be brought home to maryland. her family is planning a fume for early -- funeral for early august. the stale stalemate continues. congress is still not in agreement on how to solve the debt crisis. jay dow reports on their catastrophic default. >> reporter: house speaker john
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boehner is working the republican debt plan. and word from the congressional budget office that it did not deliver all of its promised cuts forced him to delay bringing the bill to the house floor. now, some conservative lawmakers appear to be getting behind the rewrite. >> i've moved from lean no to undecided to lean yes. >> it's a lot better than what we've had. >> there is no other alternative out there that we think could pass the house. >> reporter: senate democrats continue to ba balk at the plan, -- to balk at the plan, saying that the tea party is leading it. >> we cannot let them lead the whole house off the cliff. >> reporter: the main difference with the gop plan is that it raises the debt limit in one step, instead of two. >> there's only one bill in congress that is a true
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compromise. we're running out of time, it's time to get serious about finding enough compromise. >> reporter: both sides need to reach an agreement before next tuesday or the government could face a downgrading of its credit rating and run out of money to pay its bills. the white house continues to push democrats and republicans to work out a deal the president will sign. jay dow, cbs news, washington. >> the stock market reacted negatively today to the limbo on the debt debate in washington. the dow is down 198 points. s&p up 27. nasdaq down 75. we will have the rest of today's financial news, coming up in money watch. turning to sports, the full ranks -- ravens roster reports this morning. they have a lot of work to do. wjz is live. sports director mark viviano has more on what is going on at the castle today. >> reporter: how are you doing, kai. they're getting here, but not
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quick enough. this is quite a week as they go from the euphoria of knowing there's going to be football, to oh, my gosh, how do we get this started on time? it's a condensed preseason. it's a rush to prepare for the start. there will be fewer practices and even one fewer for the ravens because today they had to cancel what was scheduled to be the first workout, their first team workout tomorrow. why? simple logistics. it has been simple for them to get all of the players under contract into fountain, -- town, have physical exams exams and get those other players signed to contracts. obviously, practice is a big part of an nfl season. and the nfl practice protocol is changing league wide because of the new collective bargaining agreement. the players bargained for and got fewer practices and restrictions on how often they will have contact in practices, all designed to protect their health. and they know the new rules will not be popular with everybody. >> a lot of coaches aren't happy with the rules changes,
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but it's something that we thought was important to do to protect our players, especially with all of the new information we've gotten about head injuries and things like that. and not only for us. i think it sets an example for college, high school, and youth players, about the significance of taking care of your players and protecting your guys, especially during practice. >> reporter: soit will be a kinder and more gentle nfl when they do get practices going. it will not be as planned. it will be friday morning, here in owings mills. an 8:30 start to season. joe flacco is behind me now. he is scheduled to meet with us here in the media, and when he does, we'll have it for you. >> we look forward to that, mark. thank you. the ravens announced they will have a free and open practice at m&t bank stadium. practice will start at 10:00. stay with wjz for complete
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coverage of the ravens' training camp. we'll bring you team updates, interviews and the latest on the players signed and cut. i think i can safely say the weather. kai? >> yes. >> like you want to say it. hi. doesn't get much better than this in july. here's a live look outside. clear, blue skies. i was hoping we would show it to you. lots of sunshine and mild, dry temperatures. we'll has weather and traffic together. we're going to start with meteorologist bernadette woods with the updated numbers from first warning weather. bern? >> i think i agree for you. for july standards, doesn't get much better. let's show you some of the numbers outside, to go along with the pictures you are seeing. and you're sitting right now at 89. let's go to the numbers on our weather computer right now and show you some of those. we are sit in the 80s for our temperatures. locally, we're at about 89 degrees in baltimore right now. around most of the region, we haven't seen many places get above 90 degrees.
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if this trend continues, we're actually going to stay below 90 today. very good news. you can see, on radar, there is a storm off it our northwest. that is going to come our way, and it's going to pump up heat ahead of it. we'll have that story coming up. kai? >> let's check on our roads with kristy breslin, wjz traffic control. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. well, we do have some difficulty on 70 westbound. we have an accident there on marriottsville. that has the delay solid at the beltway. 50 minutes at least on the southwest side of the inner inner loop. and the west side of the outer loop, also struggling there from liberty road to 70. as far as other accidents go, frederick road, between forest drive and south viewmont avenue. alsos, route -- also, route 24. two city accidents to update you on. and also, south caton at wilkens. let's take a live look. you can see the traffic getting heavy on the baltimore national pike.
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and looks like an easy ride there. 295 southbound at 175. this traffic report is brought to you by triple a auto insurance. trust triple a on auto insurance. visit triple for all it's worth. easing concerns about cell phone use and radiation. a new study finds they do not increase the risk of brain cancer in children and teens. in tonight's healthwatch, joel brown reports for wjz from los angeles. we'll have that story in a little bit. and a world health panel discovered it was possible to cause cancer, putting it in the same coffee as coffee, chloroform. lawmakers continue to wragle over the budget debate. let's go to cbs money watch update. and we'll have that for you in a little bit. right now, we're going to
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go to a break. right? >> yep. >> all right. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. a reporter attacked, live on the air. what sparked the attack. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a philadelphia reporter is attacked on live tv. a man charged in a strange case of animal cruelty. >> hey. hey. >> the reporter was standing outside the home when the suspect's son approached him and asked him to leave.
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moments later, he elbowed the son later in the chest as we saw. that man is behind bars. they saw dozens inside the home tuesday, including mummified lizards and a 4-foot-long alligator. an olympic skier has taken his own life. police say peterson called 911 before shooting himself in a remote canyon in utah. he had been battling alcohol and depression. the 24-year-old won the silver metal last year. easing concern about cell phone use and radiation. a new study finds they don't increase the risk of brain cancer in children and teens. in tonight's healthwatch, joel brown reports for wjz from los angeles. i think she's been in a cool place. >> like most of her friends, 11- year-old rebecca greenwald has a cell phone.
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>> i like to call my mom, you know, after activities, text my friend. see how they're doing. >> her mother knew there could be a link from cell phones and radiation brain tumors. but wasn't concerned. >> i was like, everyone else is doing it, it must not be that bad. >> reporter: she was happy to find that cell phone use does not increase the risk of brain cancer in children and teens. researchers in switzerland looked at hundreds of teenagers teenagers with brain tumors and say they were not more likely to be cell phone users. >> but it only looks at child cell phone users, and doesn't look at long-term use. >> the question is, when they start using the phone at age 7 or 12, at 47, after 40 years of using the cell phone, is there risk higher? >> reporter: there is speckution -- speculation that
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children may be more at risk because their cells -- skulls are thinner. cheryl greenwald isn't worried because her daughter mostly texts. and only uses it to call her mother. >> she lets me know she's okay. >> reporter: rebecca likes her independence but also likes knowing that phobe is -- help is just a phone call away. in may, a world health organization panel concluded it was possible mobile phones could cause cancer, putting the device in the same category as coffee, engine exhaust and chloroform. as we mentioned earlier, stocks took a significant dive today, as lawmakers continue to ragle over the budget debate. let's go to alexis christoforous. >> reporter: stocks fell for a fourth straight day as lawmakers search for a solution to the debt crisis. investors worry that the u.s. could default on its debt or
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see its credit cut. that would raise interest rates on everything from mortgages to car loans. the u.s. economy worsened in about half the country earlier this summer. that's because of weak home sales and signs of a slowdown. a survey says seven of the 12 regions reported slower growth in june. the survey also shows the job market remains weak in most districts. shares of amazon remain high. after earnings and sales that were better than expected. but earnings at delta disappointed wall street. the carrier plans to fly less this year to save money on high fuel costs. investors appear to have an appetite for dunkin' donuts. the chain rallied as much as 50%. in its debut, the stock is trading on the nasdaq under the
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symbol, dnkn. for more, head to money in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. construction crews have put the final touches on london's olympic park. swimmers took the first plunge in the new aquatic center today. the wave-shaped venue is the sixth and final venue to be completed for next year's summer games. the 17-day festival kicks off one year from today. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. can't put your smart phone down? how to tell if you're suffering from a new type of addiction. one flu shot every five years? hear more about the universal vaccine that is in the works. we're enjoying some spectacular midsummer weather. but there's a big change coming in the forecast. wjz is always on. for the top stories on, instant updates and first warning weather all the time, click ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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so beautiful out there, bernadette. >> they love this time of day, when you see the sail boats out there. makes a great, great shot.
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they're enjoying that low humidity out there. >> they really are. and i think all of us are. even though it is warm. so comfortable, compared to where it has been lately. want to show you temperatures so far. here's the temperatures that go along with that. 89 degrees is all we've topped out so far today. not each 90 degrees. now, -- even 90 degrees. we started out the day in the low 70s. tonight, we are going down into the 60s. coming in at 89 right now. it is 88 in hagerstown. 93 in d.c., but the huge thing to note. these dew points, they are just so low, in the mid-50s. tomorrow, they start to creep back into the 60s and probably closer to the low 70s by friday. so that humidity will be returning. but currently, we have winds out of the northwest. and it is keeping the dry air on top for today and tonight. >> out to the west, here's that front. that's going to start coming our way. it's this pump that is keeping the heat and humidity ahead of it. the process begins tomorrow. although tomorrow, not that
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extreme. sort of a stepping stone in that direction. you can see where this air is coming from. 100 degrees in kansas city now. 102 in dallas. all of that moving in our direction for the late part of the week. so here's that front. it comes our way. it pumps up the heat, pumps up the humidity ahead of it. and by friday, you see, here's the front, still off to our northwest. we could see a pop-up shower or thunderstorm ahead of it, both friday and saturday. but the front itself sort of drags by with scattered showers showers and thunderstorms. one more thing we want to keep you updated on here. the national hurricane center has been flying into this disturbance today. and we could find out by 5:00, possibly tropical depression or tropical storm forming down here. the projected path is going to be off to the northwest. a lot of drought conditions. really intense drought conditions for texas. so this could be good news if it doesn't become that strong of a storm. something we obviously will keep you updated on. if it gets a name, it will be tropical storm dawn.
4:25 pm
south winds 5 to 10 knots. tonight, we're going down to 66 degrees. a comfortable one out there. then tomorrow, 93 for our high. the dew points are creeping back into the 60s. so you'll start to feel the air a little more. but friday is going to be a little rougher around here. so enjoy this evening. go for a walk. >> maybe open your windows. maybe. >> you know what? if you live in an area where you have that cross flow -- >> believe me, still not as hot as today. don't miss the cbs primetime lineup at 10:00, the original csi, immediately followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. the orioles road trip continues in new york this weekend. you can see saturday afternoon, and sunday afternoon's game, against the yankees. both at 1:00. and both live right here on wjz 13. there's a lot more ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:30. strauss-kahn accuser. she meets with prosecutors today. will they still have doubts
4:26 pm
about her credibility? shoppers slashed. police in northern virginia investigate a bizarre string of attacks on women shoppers. sex scandal. an unwanted sexual encounter. eyewitness news continues with denise and vic after this. ,,,,,
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it is 4:29. 89 degrees and sunny. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. as congress struggles, one representative is facing a crisis of his own. for the third time this year, a congressman is quitting due to a sex scandal. bill whittaker has more.
4:30 pm
. >> may have trouble agreeing with almost anything. but when it comes to one of their own, and the subject is sex, they can act with blazing speed. oregon democrat david woo, who has served 13 years in the house, abruptly resigned on tuesday, under heavy pressure from fellow democrats. this, after allegations from the teenage daughter of a campaign donor, allegedly accusing wu of an unwanted sexual encounter. >> the leadership probably figured there wasn't much down side to getting him to resign. >> reporter: it was not the first scandal for congressman wu. a woman claimed she was assaulted nearly three decades ago. >> i do take full responsibility for my actions of 28 years ago. and i am responsible for that. >> reporter: at the time, his wife stood boy his side. -- by his side. they have since separated. then, after this picture of wu in a tiger suit hit the web last year, some of his staff
4:31 pm
resigned and suggested he get psychological help. the departure of congressman wu comes after the resignations of democrats anthony weiner and republican chris lee. both had sent lewd photos of themselves to women, all of this at a time when americans, according to a cbs news new york times poll, are giving congress just a 16% approval rating. and with the current debate -- >> congress does not want to spend time talking about the misbehavior of the individual member of congress. >> reporter: wu isn't leaving just yet. his resignation isn't effective until the debt ceiling crisis ends. bill whittaker, cbs news, los angeles. >> now, oregon's governor will decide on a date for a special election to find wu's replacement. american forces are scheduled to pull out of iraq by the end of this year. but now that time line could be in doubt. >> reporter: the one iraqi official said today his country
4:32 pm
needs u.s. troops to help train iraqi military past the end of the year. the two countries agreed to the pullout date last year. since that time, many have questioned if it was a realistic date. one expert says he believes that all combat troops will come home, but some will be left to train. >> right now, u.s. forces in iraq ranks around nearly 50,000 strong. the hotel maid who accused international banker dominique strauss-kahn of sexual assault meets with prosecutors in the case. the maid claims that strauss- kahn forced her to perform sex acts in his new york hotel room back in may. but questions about her credibility came. the alleged victim broke her silence in a series of interviews. the next court date is scheduled for august 23rd.
4:33 pm
police in northern virginia are looking for a man behind a series of attacks at shopping malls. dan guzman has a report on the serial slasher that has a community on edge. >> this is what the fairfax county police say has slashed five teenage girls, as they shopped in several fairfax area stores since april of this year. police say the suspect is hispanic, in his 20s, short, about 5'6" and heavyset. latest was a girl. slashed at the forever 21 store in fair oaks mall yesterday. there have been two other slashings at the fair oaks mall. one took place at the marshalls in greenbriars last month. >> we'll have someone to watch our back. >> we have security here all the time. we were very close with the
4:34 pm
police departments who have been here on a regular basis. so able to react to things like this when reports happen. and be able to help in the investigation. >> that was dan goodsman reporting. none of the victims were seriously injured. anne arundel county police are asking for your help, finding a driver involved in a deadly hit-and-run. this was a sketch of the woman accused of being behind the wheel. she is accused of hitting a bicyclist on may 14th. the bicyclist later died in the hospital. investigators believe the woman was driving a dark suv, possibly a jeep cherokee, or ford escape, with damaged front end. in today's wjz healthwatch, if you're tired of getting that flu shot every year, you may be in luck. researchers are working on a new flu vac vaccine that is universal. the current flu vaccine only works on a particular virus in a single year. but scientists are working on a
4:35 pm
flu vaccine that protects against all strains. it could be available in five years if approved. mary is live in the newsroom. >> well, vic, today, a federal judge threw out a lawsuit, blocking federally-funded embryonic stem cell research from moving forward. the lawsuit violates the ban on using taxpayer money for work that harms an embryo. the obama administration argues that the ban doesn't apply. and today, the federal judge agreed, saying the case was likely to fail at trial. vic? >> researchers hope embryonic stem cell research will one day allow him to cure parkinsons disease, and a host of other conditions. back to school shopping. you may want to hold off for a few weeks. according to the baltimore sun, maryland will once again hold a tax-free shopping week. it runs between august 14th and
4:36 pm
20th. the 6% sales tax will be waived for all clothing and footwear, as long as it costs less than $100. an absolutely gorgeous day today, with the heat and humidity holding off for the most part. let's take a live look. we have weather and traffic together. bob is here with the updated numbers. bob? >> you said it, denise. take a look at these temperatures, even better than yesterday. we headed to the midniewnts. right now, -- mid-90s. right now, we're only at 89. which is only two degrees above average. way down to 54 degrees. only 77 in oakland. 86 in ocean city. but when you combine the temperature of 89, with a dew point of 54. guess what it feels like? feels like 87. each better than yesterday. -- each -- each better than yesterday. by the end of the week, it will be back, yes, it will be back bigtime by friday. we'll talk about the heat coming in a few minutes.
4:37 pm
let's check on the roads with kristy breslin. >> we have difficulties still happening out there on 70 westbound. we have that accident at 29, with the delay heavy back to the beltway. 95, southbound, another accident there on the rebound side. -- right-hand side. also, inner loop, north side inner loop, slowing there from charles street to providence road. average speed at this point, 35 miles an hour. south side inner loop, at least 15 minutes there. and the outer loop still heavy as well. from liberty to 70. harrisburg expressway. delays there, in the northbound direction, from shawan to belfast. and two accidents to update you on. also, south caton at wilkens avenue in baltimore city. let's now take a live look. you can see the delay beginning to ease up just a bit. 70 there. and there's another live look at baltimore national pike. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has
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suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or visit them online for your free consultation. back to you. >> thank you, kristy. the shuttle program may have come to an end. but nasa's shuttle mission is over. august 5th, nasa will send the juno to the space center. it will take five years. when it reaches its destination, nasa will be able to take closeup colors of jupiter and take a look at the planet's colors. still ahead. casey anthony jury. a floor judge's decision -- florida judge's decision, whether to release the names of the jurors who acquitted her. and we're enjoying pleasant, dry weather today. but it's not going to last. bob's updated forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the mayor of kandahar afghanistan, was killed in a suicide bombing. he was leaving a meeting today when someone detonated a bombing. this is the second time in a week that someone has been killed by suicide bombers. officers are accused of shooting them on the danzeinger bridge. prosecutors claim it was part of a cover-up. but the police officers argue they were just defending themselves. two people died in the shooting. the identity of the jurors who served in the casey anthony murder trial will not be released for another three months. >> the judge said he made his decision based on the concerns of the jurors' safety.
4:43 pm
the judge says his order will give people a chance to cool off before jurors' private information goes public. anthony was found guilty for lying to police but she was released 12 days later. >> juror names are usually released in florida, as soon as a verdict is rendered. police claims police shot him when they didn't have to. but the officers say the man led them on a chase and even tried to run them over. the man put his dash cam video online to prove police didn't have to fire on him. a new hampshire grandmother finds a naked intruder inside her home and decides to take marts into her -- matters into her own hand. >> he came into that window. >> reporter: bonnie is 70 years old. she believes life is too short to be a victim. so when she woke up to find a strange man inside her home, she decided not to be one.
4:44 pm
>> some stranger just comes in, and tramples over everything. it's very demeaning. and i did not appreciate him being in my house, period. >> reporter: bonnie was sleeping when the intruder cut through a window screen. he ate food. and took off his clothes before walking upstairs. >> this person is standing there, and i'm saying, what who -- who are you? who are you? what do you want?" he's still standing there. and i'm screaming at him. and he's not saying anything. he's just there, naked. that blew me away. >> she was not sure why he broke in the window. but she's sure he didn't think he'd encounter this. >> i said, not in my house. so i grabbed my bat and hit him a couple of times. >> reporter: she said the intruder was bleeding when he left. bonnie thinks he was probably going to steal from her. she worried about her 21-year- old grandson down the hall.
4:45 pm
and she remembered the lesson she tea taught her grandkids and herself. >> you have to be strong. there's always a way to protect yourself. use it. >> manchester police are still looking for the intruder. more than 150 air force cadets are recovering from the stomach flu. an outbreak started at the training at the air force academy. 150 are still recovering while 240 came down with flu-like symptoms. none of those who fell ill required hospitalization. the air force is now taking extra steps to sanitize their facilities. in today's consumer watch, ford is making changes to bring its music into the digital music age. the company will no longer install cd players in its new ford focus vehicles. ford has decided to put digital sockets instead. it will have a hub where you can view our li-- your library
4:46 pm
instead. ford is the first one going tech savvy. smart phones. as benny sna ann reports, some- - betty ann reports, people who prefer smart phone for interaction are at risk. >> first thing i do when i wake up is grab my phone. >> reporter: 32-year-old matthew barrett is never far from his smart phone. >> to be honest, i'm never without it. i know i'm addicted because when i'm without it, i have withdrawal. >> and not the only one living his life almost completely online. around the world, smart phone sales have exploded. 300 million devices were sold. the number is expected to hit 1 billion. and as those devices become more integrated in people's lives, psychologists say smart phone users are in danger of becoming addicted. if i don't have my phone, i can't really do anything. i can't function right.
4:47 pm
>> i can't really go a day without it. if i do go a day without it, i kind of go psycho. >> the more we are, the less we're connecting. >> reporter: experts like dr. michael dow say too much smart phone use not only causes people to disconnect from reality but smart phone withdrawal can cause physical symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, and even depression. >> the stress hormone is all actually cardio toxic. it's very bad not only for your mental health and relationships but can also be bad for your biological health as well. >> reporter: but the power of the addiction outweighs the physical and mentam cost. -- mental cost. and until something else comes along, young people like matthew show no signs of putting down their smart phone any time soon. >> he's walked the same block four or five times. >> i noticed. a new british study found more than half of the people
4:48 pm
surveyed felt upset when they were denied a connection to the internet. people in wealthier parts of the world are more likely to suffer from depression. a study of 18 countries showed more than 30% of the population in america, france, and the netherlands. 30%, have experienced depression. researchers say richer countries also tend to have the greatest income in inquality, which has been linked to depression. 1970s band player has passed away at the age of 60. >> this is for all of the lonely people ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: known for hits like this, lonely people, and horse with no name, america had three platinum albums in the early 70s. his wife found him dead in their home in missouri sunday. now, the cause of death has not been determined. a frustrating start at theim swimming world championships in china. michael phelps strikes gold.
4:49 pm
took first place in the 200- meter butterfly. this is phelps' fifth world title in this event. the victory also answers a few questions about the focus, heading into the olympics next summer. a tribute to the international space shuttle program. this program is made entirely of butter. three astronauts put the display together. it took nearly 500 hours to make. and used 1500 pounds of butter. last year's exhibit appropriately featured a cow, jumping over the moon. >> how do you make butter float? that astronaut was sort of floating. >> good question. [ laughter ] >> and it's not just hidden wires. miracles of the fair. and after last week, today's weather feels glorious. tomorrow may not be. >> bob turk has your updated first warning we,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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here's a live look outside.
4:53 pm
courtesy of sky eye chopper 13. beautiful day to be flying, isn't it? >> very low humidity. blue skies as far as you can see. that is the presence of low humidities, low dew point air that came in from, thank you, canada. yeah. unfortunately, it's going to be modified and changed radically by maybe tomorrow night. especially on friday. by friday, back to heat and humidity. tomorrow, it will be a little warmer than today. and also, a little more humid. but not a terrible day. and lots of sunshine. take a look at temps around the region. with bright sunshine. 89. haven't seen it much hotter than that. and the dew points, way down. each lower than yesterday. at 54 degrees. humidity is at 30%. northwest winds brought the new air mass in at 8 miles an hour. barometer right now, holding steady. 29.93 inches. right now, only 75 in oakland. that's a really pleasant afternoon. 90 in cumberland.
4:54 pm
93, the hot spot. 86 in ocean city. water temperature, by the way, we had easterly winds that brought in warmer water. the water temperature yesterday got up to 76 degrees. that's really nice. once again, low dew points mean it's going to be comfortable tonight. once again, let me go back real quick. around the region, temperature- wise. we had some readings in the mid- to upper 80s. that's about it. up to the north. 82 in new york. we're at 89. low 80s, upper 70s. but cool spot, you might expect, way up at mount washington, new hampshire, 58 degrees now. we have that northwest wind that brought in that newer air mass that kicked things out the other day. that front stalled to the south. and there's a little tropical system that could develop into a tropical depression by this evening. we'll be tracking it. it's heading to the west/northwest, just between yucatan and cuba. it could become a tropical depression or tropical storm by tomorrow. the good news is, hopefully it won't get any stronger.
4:55 pm
but texas has been so hot and dry, that rain may be actually a good thing for texas. looks like we're heading generally to the texas coast area. another front this afternoon. looks like we'll be in the heat. at least increasing heat and humidity for the next two days. thursday night, friday, and portions of saturday. maybe a thunderstorm with that front approaching from the west/northwest. even though it's going to get very hot and humid on friday, there will probably be a thunderstorm to maybe cool things off temporarily. and then a front over the weekend, may drop temperatures even a little more by late saturday and sunday. south winds on the bay, 5 to 10 knots. bay temp around 84 degrees. tonight, another comfortable night. mid- to upper 60s. mid to low 70s this the city. tomorrow, will be warmer than today. 95. 93. but we'll have increasing humidity tomorrow. >> all right. thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. >> a woman, upstairs in this house, shot in the head, clinging to life, as police knock on the front door, then
4:56 pm
leave. i'm adam may, did police act appropriately in their investigation what turned out to be a triple shooting and arson? wjz investigates, coming up. ,,,
4:57 pm
♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing?
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why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation. where you are free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. why not cruise from baltimore? visit today. coming up next on eyewitness news at 5:00. the progress as police investigate their own response. back to work. wjz is with the ravens, as tay return to practice in owings mills. what joe nacko is saying about losing two of his favorite receivers. time running out. are lawmakers any closer to reaching a debt deal? the latest from capitol hill. >> check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 5:00 starts now.
4:59 pm
crime cover-up. three people murdered and set on fire. >> tonight, mis -- police face criticism in the case as they focus on a possible suspect. >> hi. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. >> closer to finding a killer. investigators make progress in a triple murder and arson in northeast baltimore. but some say police should have done more to stop the crime. wjz has more at police headquarters. adam may has the latest. >> police tell me they are focusing now on someone who knew one of the victims. and as for that criticism, a legal expert tells me, it appears police did everything they could. >> reporter: in the 4300 block of nicholas avenue, a look

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